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Siepel has been manufacturing shielded rooms for over 20 years for various applications including sensitive information protection, EMC anechoic chambers, RF and antennas measurement chambers, compact chambers, TEMPEST shielded rooms, Reverberation chambers and more.

As a worldwide recognized expert company in shielded products, the Siepel manufacturing quality does not make any compromise on its performance and quality. Siepel has developed their shielded door technology to be of the highest performance with very long term reliability.

Hyfral absorber compliments the Siepel chamber products and is suitable for broadband applications, used to line semi anechoic and fully anechoic chambers. Each absorber consists of a single block of high tech polyurethane foam in flat or pyramidal shape. The absorber is impregnated with a sophisticated carbon based aqueous solution.

Hyfral absorber is also available with a plastic paint finish meaning that the absorber tips never degrade, a 20-year warranty and an ideal solution for clean room applications or where carbon dust affects production and performance.