Frequensys provides electronic test equipment, test facilities and consultancy in the UK and Ireland.

Our clients include a wide range of business sectors covering communications, military, commercial, medical, automotive, aerospace, product compliance testing, research and education.

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Frequensys have a wide range of experience, supplying equipment, consulting and expertise.

EMC test equipment

  • Transient to EN61000-4-4, 5kV & 7kV
  • Surge (combination, ring, telecom) to EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-10, EN61000-4-12, FCC, ITU, Bellcore, ANSI/IEEE, IEC60255, ETSI
  • Voltage dips, interrupts and variations to EN61000-4-11, EN61000-4-29
  • Automotive transients to ISO7637, ISO16750, SAE, JASO, automotive manufacturers' own specifications
  • ESD generators to EN61000-4-2, ISO10605
  • Conducted immunity testers to EN61000-4-6, DO-160, Mil Stan 461E
  • Harmonics and flicker to EN61000-3-2 & -3, EN61000-4-7
  • Magnetic field testing to EN6100-4-8 & -9

Shielded and anechoic chambers

  • Fully anechoic chambers, 3m, 5m, 10m and larger. Our partner for anechoic chambers has recently installed the longest anechoic chamber in Europe (at 105m long)
  • Shielded chambers of any size
  • Reverberation chambers
  • Absorber material, full range including flat and pyramidal RAM
  • Turntables, masts, controllers
  • Installation team
  • Chamber relocation service and capability
  • Chamber design for EMC applications, Free space applications and antenna measurement chambers - for nearfield and farfield
  • Radar cross section
  • Compact range chambers
  • TEMPEST rated chambers
  • RF doors and chamber accessories

RF and Microwave Amplifiers

  • Solid state amplifiers for applications including MRI, plasma and radar and single frequency special applications
  • High power CW and pulse upto 1GHz
  • TWT amplifiers for EW, medical, high power RF, 1-45GHz

Current probes, BCI probes, surge supressors, CDNs, LISNs

  • Current probes to 3GHz, at 32mm, 40mm, 67mm diameter
  • Bulk current injection probes for ISO and EN testing, military and automotive, 40mm &67mm diameter
  • Surge supressors - ESD reduction on tanks and armoured vehicles
  • Coupling secoupling networks for EN61000-4-6 testing - mains, signal, data & I/O - screened and unscreened, telecom
  • EM clamp and absorption clamps
  • Line impedance stabilisation networks for EN55022, CISPR25, Mil Stan 461E, Def Std 59-411, telecoms

RF cables, attenuators and loads