Frequensys provides electronic test equipment, test facilities and consultancy in the UK and Ireland.

Our clients include a wide range of business sectors covering communications, military, commercial, medical, automotive, aerospace, product compliance testing, research and education.

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Prana manufacture RF and microwave amplifiers in the frequency range of
10kHz to 4.2GHz with output powers ranging from 10W to 8kW depending on the
application and frequency band.

Their broadband RF amplifiers have applications for civil and military radio
communications (EW).

Prana's BCI RF Amplifiers provide high power levels in the 10kHz to 400MHz
range and their 'sloped' frequency response amplifiers provide users high
power levels at the low frequencies where it is needed.

Prana have also developed their solid state 10kHz to 250MHz range in order to
allow users to move away from the increasingly unreliable, expensive and
problematic tube amplifiers.

Frequensysy working with Prana can also prroducrs developed according to customer's specifications including high power microwave sources, e.g. at 2.45GHz, 5.2GHz